RateMyLeague is a suite of fantasy league-enhancement products. Our flagship products are personalized podcast previews for your fantasy leagues. You give us the url to your league and any additional information that would be relevant and we produce a detailed, in-depth show previewing your league and your season. We also have standalone League Reports which come in PDF form. These reports are the most detailed and data-driven league previews available anywhere. Reports have team rankings, starter projections, position rankings, and more.
You can view detailed information on the info page, but generally, both the cost and duration of the show relates to the number of teams in your league.
We're happy to make special arrangements for leagues with more than 16 teams. Please use our contact form to speak with us directly.
This varies depending on current demand. Generally, we strive to have shows done within two weeks of ordering. Upon ordering, you'll be given a rough timeline on when to expect the show. If you're ordering late in the preseason and want the show to arrive prior to the season starting, check the sign-up page for any notes about show delivery dates. Often when we get closer to the season, we'll put up notes if new orders won't be delivered until after the season starts.
Your show will be delivered via a link to the buyer of the show. That link will work for anyone who is given the link. Anyone with the link will be able to listen to the show online and can download the show for offline listening.
Most leagues will work just fine with the League Report. For example, superflex, IDP, and TE premium scoring can all be accounted for. Currently, contracts will not be accounted for (you can still get a full ranking report, it just won't use the contracts in the report) in leagues that utilize them although that's something we hope to adddress in the future.
As of now, we only offer payment through Paypal. We are looking at adding other payment services.